Glass Storage Jar
Glass Candle Holder
Glass Cruet Set
Glass Vase
Sauce,Oil,Milk and Wine Bottles
Glass Mug & Cup
Glass Bowl & Plate
Oil & Vinegar Bottle
Glass wasp trap
Glass Tea Pot
Glass Ashtray
Ceramic Bowl
Ceramic Mug
Ceramic Plate
Ceramic Dinnerware
Ceramic Tableware
Ceramic Pot
Ceramic Pet Bowl


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How few does client order?
Customized products require certain setups or mold charges that force us not to offer them in too few quantities. Definite MOQ ,Pls contact our sales representative directly .
How can your company ensure an optimum quality level for its products ?
Particular attention is paid to quality controls : - A first control is carried out by visual or automatic examination meaning that the pieces, which fall below the visual quality level required, are rejected. - A second control is carried out via a sampling method, according to statistical sampling standards recognised by all industrials, helping us to check the resistance and reliability of the tems as well as their aesthetic and dimensional characteristics. All samples are submitted to mechanical, thermal and chemical tests designed to guarantee that the production meets the quality standards set. These production controls allow us to reject product batches, which do not comply with these standards.
What kind service adding value to glassware can you offer ?
we do silk screening , frosted ,Embossed directly . As for ACL (decals ) , the decal paper will be produced by decal paper -maker . We purchase it from them and then do decal effect in the surface of glassware .
What are the main products your company offer ?
- our products covering 1)glassware:glass storage jar,glass spice jar,glass candle holder,glass vase,glass bottle glass bowl and plate and others. 2)ceramics:ceramic bowl
What kind of certificate to proof glassware made by yourcmpany is Non-lead glass and Food Grade certified ?
Non-lead certification issued by SGS will present upon request. - LFGB food safety test upon order (including drinking rim)
What are the materials that your company used for the glassware ?
- All glassware from our company are made of white flint glass instead of lead –free Crystal Glass.
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E-mail: Fax: +86 532 80923998